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ROWE is the specialist for large format.Scanner, printer, controller, software and finishing have been developed and manufactured by ROWE. Due to optimal
tuning ROWE products guarantee safe and efficient adaptation to your business processes.

Unrivalled. Multifunctional with the patented technologies of ROWE ScanMatrix+
ROWE ecoPrint can be extended at any time to an efficient multifunctional printer with the new ROWE Scan 450i. For razor-sharp color scans with 2400 x 1200 dpi optical resolution. ROWE Scan 450i is equipped with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES, ROWE ScanCloud and the worldwide unique technologies of ROWE ScanMatrix+ as standard. Your advantage is scanning with the patented process ROWE DYNAMIC STITCHING, fully automatic transformation of originals with poor contrast into perfect scans, due to the image improvement technology ROWE PRO LOGIC and brilliant, natural colors as a result of ROWE SELECTED TRUE LIGHT.

Oce Colorwave 300

ROWE Scan 450i large format scanners

The new ROWE Scan 450i series consists of three models with 24 ", 36" and 44 "scan widths. All large format scanners are equipped as standard with SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 + RES, ROWE ScanCloud and the worldwide unique technology ROWE ScanMatrix + . Your advantage: Scanning with the patented ROWE DYNAMIC STITCHING process, fully automatic conversion of low-contrast originals into perfect scans using the ROWE PRO LOGIC image enhancement technology and brilliant, natural colors using ROWE SELECTED TRUE LIGHT.

Another unique feature: a new process that enables the original width to be recognized and the actual scanning to be carried out in a single operation, as well as independently recognizing even damaged or torn corners on originals. The result is outstanding productivity while at the same time protecting templates such as plans, drawings or maps.

And - especially important for ROWE customers - top results in terms of modularity, costs and the environment. Thanks to the patented ROWE SAFE DRIVE technology, the service life of the scan glass is up to 500% longer than that of conventional plan scanners. The power consumption of less than 0.4 watts in energy-saving mode also protects the environment.

Experience the fascination of ROWE. Simply make an appointment, including a LIVE presentation in the ROWE customer center and a tour of the production facility.


Oce Colorwave 300

ROWE Scan 850i large format scanners

The wide format scanner ROWE Scan 850i with its 6 models and future-proof technology stands for unbelievable innovation, productivity and numerous patents. Take a look at this brochure for a glimpse of the technical highlights and unique features. We’d like to invite you to experience the fascination of ROWE. Simply make an appointment with us for a LIVE presentation at the ROWE customer center and a visit to the production.


Wise Image Pro Raster to Vector Software

WiseImage is a new generation of 2D standalone application for raster diting, raster-to-vector conversion and drawing revision. WiseImage enables you to make quick changes, editing, correction or automatical and semi-automatical raster-to-vector conversation of technical drawings, scanned maps, ans,drafts, sketches and other graphics. It blends raster and vector, CADfunctionality and image processing capabilities perfectly–everything in a single cost-effective application.


RasterID3 Image Processing Tools Software

RasterID provides a solution to the bottleneck problem of image processing and indexing hundreds and thousands of drawings during or after the scanning process. Full-featured raster cleanup and editing tools combined with integrated direct wide-format and production scanner interface speed-up drawing capturing to digital archives. Scanned drawings are indexed by information contained in the drawing's title block. In addition to operator driven mode, the program performs batch processing on sets of drawings.